Since the 1990s, veterinarian Prof. Dr. Y. Schiftan has been exploring the relaxing effect that music has on the human body and mind. The methodology Musica Medica ® was patented in 1992 and since this time it has been used in both human medicine and pedagogy and its effect has been proven in numerous studies. The methodology makes use of the fact that music is a means of communication that is easily understood by the human brain and something that people react emotionally to. Pain often triggers stress and depression due to the fact that pain impairs quality of life and has an impact on the mind.

Musica Medica® – Stimulation by means of music and vibration

The Musica Medica ® Method involves acoustic stimulation using music. Various areas of the brain are stimulated by music, but its special feature, however, is the simultaneous stimulation using vibration. The somatosensory (physical perception) and motor areas of the brain are stimulated, whereby pain reduction can be perceived. Cutaneous mechanoreceptors (tactile receptors) are stimulated by gentle vibrations so that pain becomes less intense. The Musica Medica® Method involves the use of multi-sensory stimulation and both stimuli have a calming, pain-relieving and stress-reducing effect.